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一般没有china movies的表达,会说china‘s movies,更侧重归属,一般还是 chinese movies表达居多的

chinese porn movie 中国色情电影 很高兴为你解答! 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!

你好! chinese rate r movie 中国利率电影

personally,I think that chinese movies are better ,because as a chinese people ,we used to the chinese tradition of our culture ,but as a student of the english course ,I have seen many American and english film ,what I want to...

让我们来谈谈中国电影《集结号》。 1 有一部非常受欢迎的电影,你知道吗? 2 真的吗?你知道我很爱看电影,叫什么呢? 3 集结号!!!我上周看了,太精彩了! 4 哦,我知道这部电影。两星期前我也看了。我被它感动得流下了眼泪。 5 我也是,我也...

你好! jiang hong,a famous chinese movie star 江红,中国一位著名的电影明星

Download free sex movie of chinese teen. 【意思】中国青少年免费下载电影。

Chinese film industry have a kung fu star,his ancestral home in Shandong,enjoys a high reputation and influence in the Chinese world.He and Stephen Chow,Zhou Runfa and said "double Monday into",meaning Hongkong movie box office...

I like Chinese Movies. I like Zhou Xingchi. He is a film star. I like Chinese comedies and documentaries. It can tell me a lot about the history. ( 答案不唯一)

B 试题分析:考查副词词义的区分和语境理解。句义:在闲暇时间里我主要是看外国电影,但是我偶尔在家里看国产电影。A. nearly将近,几乎 B. mostly主要是,大部分是 C. almost 几乎D. partly部分地,根据关键词but 确定前后句之间是转折关系,o...


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